Should I buy my husband a sex doll? A post for the ladies

The sex doll industry is an example of an industry that has undergone a complete overhaul. The overhaul has witnessed a lot of developments and advancements in the nature of these pleasure dolls. Not only was the use of the dolls associated with some level of stigma, but the dolls were simply inflatable rubber imitations
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YL Doll New Biggest Ass Torso

Do you like fat asses? Well, I’ve got a mega maxi for you. The brand new YL Doll torso with the world’s biggest ass is on sale very soon! and when I say the biggest ass, I mean a circumference of 146cm – 57.5in. So like those who generally like big asses, like big breasts, YL Doll
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Are Sex Dolls Legal In The USA?

YES, in the United States, sex dolls are legal with the exception of the child looking sex dolls. Here at, all our sex dolls ranging from the mini dolls, the torsos and life-size sex dolls are legal. We greatly value our customers and all our products are tailored to enhance customer satisfaction. The greatest nightmare would
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Are Sex Dolls Legal in Canada?

In Canada, the sale and use of sex dolls is legal in all of the provinces. The only prohibited sex dolls are those that depict prepubescent children in terms of size and physical features. Note: This should not be considered actual legal advice.  Please consult a legal professional in Canada for legal advice.  We speak only anecdotally
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Are Sex Dolls Safe For Humans? Sex Doll Safety Tips

The sex doll industry has seen tremendous growth in the recent past considering the dark past that was there initially. Not only were these pleasure dolls regarded a taboo, but there was also some stigma associated with talking about the topic in public. However, people have come to embrace the dolls and the skyrocketing number
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Sex Doll Blowjobs- How do they compare to the real thing?

Having gone through massive improvements, sex dolls have become more and more human-like. Initially, sex dolls were merely inflatable plastics that had minimal sexual appeal. However, the dolls are being made using silicone and TPE materials that have a human feel. Additions such as the steel joints also make the doll more flexible which further improves
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Sex Doll Brothel Directory

The year 2017 has witnessed the opening of many sex doll brothels despite harsh criticism from anti-sex doll activists. Europe in particular, has been one of the leading regions regarding the opening of these brothels. These brothels charge clients hourly rates to for spending time with the sex dolls in private rooms. The brothels frequently
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New YL Doll BBW Pics and Vid

YL Doll decided to create a Brand New BBW doll:  the 146cm – 4ft8 And what a result!!! It’s huge!. A HUGE BOOBS of madness, a MONSTER BUTT (one of the biggest in production with 127cm – 50′) and of course a weight that follows with a nice 47kg… you’ll have to let her lie down to
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Laeticia, Fat-Butt Hippie

Laeticia is a simple, sexy and round young woman.Laeticia is an YLDoll 165cm 5ft5 D Cup She loves nature and living in peace. She enjoys playing guitar with her friends and relaxing. And she prefers making love to war, and for that Laeticia is very well equipped! Her pretty natural bosom and her big round ass
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Is it cheating to use a sex doll in a relationship?

Unlike before, sex dolls are now being manufactured with emphasis being on looking more like humans in a bid to enhance the sexual experience. Initially, sex dolls were made from inflatable plastics that had less sexual appeal and gratification. Luckily, the advancements in technology and the growing demand for sex dolls has occasioned the recent
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