TPE sex dolls

The availability of TPE lovedolls is ever increasing. TPE sex doll look incredibly realistic while generally costing less than silicone sex doll. Here we will briefly explain what TPE is and what are the differences between love dolls in TPE and in silicone.
What’s TPE?
TPE is the acronym for ThermoPlastic Elastomer, a mix of polymers such as plastic and synthetic rubber, with thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. It’s a successful material as it combines the elasticity of the rubber with the convenience and the value offered by the injection molding. TPE is used in the production of numerous products such as bags, handles, shoe soles etc.
TPE Love dolls
Most manufacturers in our catalog utilize TPE for their dolls. All sex dolls, such WM Dolls, Hitdoll, ORDoll, YL Dolls, Doll House 168,Climax Doll, AS Doll,AF dolls, JY dolls, Piper dolls, 6ye dolls are made of TPE.
The Advantages of TPE
1.Soft, elastic, ergonomically comfortable, slip resistant. More than regular silicone.
2.Excellent shock absorption.
3.Hypoallergenic. it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions.
4.Compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants. Silicone dolls are only compatible with water based lubricants.
The Disadvantages of TPE
1.Porosity. Fluids might get trapped inside the pores leading to bacteria and germs growth. This can be avoided though if the dolls is cleaned with antibacterial soap after use. Also due to porosity, TPE stains more easily than silicone. Clothes that may color transfer should be avoided.
2.Cannot be sterilized. Porous materials can’t be sterilized.
The quality depends on the blend used. The softness and the flexibility of the doll largely depends on the formula used. Such formulas vary across different manufacturers.
3Softer blends can be more prone to cutting than silicone, especially in areas such as fingers, toes, sexual cavities.