Payment Information

We offer the following payment methods for your doll.

1. Western Union / Bank Wire

Place your order and let it be pending, then contact [email protected] for our bank information.

2. PayPal

Use your paypal balance to pay for your order. You can pay even without a paypal account via debit card or credit card.

3. E-cheque

You can link your bank account to your PayPal account (setting up a PayPal account is free), then you will find E-Cheque is available.

4. Layaway/Multi-Card Payment

1) We can split the total amount into different payments to make it easier for you.
2) Just send us an email and let us know which doll you want and we will prepare an invoice for you allowing flexible payments so you can start paying for your doll now.
3) We will set a minimum payment as a deposit ($200) and you can pay the rest of the balance at your earliest convenience or whenever you want. It’s non-refundable.
4) Once you complete the order balance, we will send you a confirmation email and we’ll start working on your doll.
5) No interest and you can pay whenever you want: daily, monthly, weekly, or to pay in full. You’ll be able to pay your balance over time, whenever you want.

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact [email protected] or call us at (+86) 136-5603-7453