Tryne love doll

Took me almost a year to finally make up my mind and get a doll. I'm not that tall a guy and just started college, have been too focused on studies to be social. You could say I'm what society calls an outcast, nerd and I am not ashamed of it. I love to watch anime, and draw, and create things, as soon as I came across Ryne I just had to have her. I had to wait about almost 2.5 weeks to get her and joy has been very reassuring in that I would get my doll. Was really anxious the whole journey to my doorstep, felt like I would never get her. I heard some very bad things about jy dolls on the forums but I wanted to check them out, to be honest jy makes really beautiful dolls. I'm not a guy that works out a lot but I tend to stay in shape, Ryne was heavy to lift to be honest. She arrived in a well packaged box, however her neck it seems was bent up/forward for her body to fully fit in the box. Her body was wrapped in plastic bag and foam to cushion impacts. Her legs and lower arms were wrapped in foam coverings and also her feet. The head and the wig plus other accessories were wrapped in foam and in bag, they also provided a pink blanket, additional nails for the hands and feet and a usb warmer for the body. I had a hard time at first trying to figure out how to put on her twin tails but soon got the hang of it. I advise everyone before buying doll do research and make sure to buy the necessary supplies for your doll like Cornstarch baby powder, microfiber toil and cloth (white), a storage unit for privacy, and etc. I am very happy and satisfied with my doll, I thankyou everyone for making this possible! Best of luck to future doll owners, you won't regret buying from
beautiful-dolls and also from JY.

Felipe Soto, 12/18/2018