Sex Doll Unkeep

I bet you wish for your doll to be with you for as long as possible. She can be with you for many years if you'll only take good care of her. Let us show you a list of tips that will help you along the way.


Keeping your doll clean.


- It's highly recommended for you to clean your doll after every use. In case you aren't using your doll you still need to clean her, but then you can do it once for every 2-4 weeks. Please never wait longer than that.

-Use a regular antibacterial soap. Please remember the water needs to be tepid. While you're cleaning your doll remember to be gentle as she would be a real girl. Use your hands or a clean sponge.

-You can shower your doll or put her into the bathtub, but you have to remember that the neck area (and the bottom of foot) has to avoid contact with water. The  metal of the head connector (and the foot bolts) could rust. If water makes contact, please remmber to dry it as fast as possible.

-Abrasive soaps and general cleaning products aren't allowed.


Dry your doll.


-Remember that after cleaning you have to dry your doll completely to avoid any damage.

-Gently pat-dry your sex doll with cotton material for the skin to air-dry.

-Use a patting motion while drying your doll.

-Do not use regular towels. They might harm the skin.

-When the doll is dry please apply talcum powder on her skin. It's a great way to preserve the skin and protects the doll from potential future damages.

-Apply talc on your doll every 2 weeks for best results.

-Please do not use fragrant oils, perfumes or any other kind of different substances on your doll.


Cleaning the "lady part", anal and mouth.


-Before cleaning the face remove the head from the doll and if it's possible, also  remove the wig.

-While cleaning the face use the cleaning technique we mentioned above, but also remember to avoid eyes/lashes area. They might damage if they get wet.

-Submerging your dolls head in water is forbidden.

-While cleaning don't apply too much pressure.

-Never use any heating device to dry your doll. Too much heat might be a disaster for your dolls skin. Damage could be irreversible. Especially on TPE dolls.

-Do not try to dry the doll leaving her near a radiator or any similar device including fire.


Wig care.


-You can use shampoo and conditioned to wash your wig.

-Should dry on a wig stand.

-Don't put a wet wig on a dolls head.

-Hair products like gel and other similar ones are forbidden. They might damage the dolls skin.


More tips on how to care for your dolls skin.


-Remember to powder the body only when it's completely dry.

-Clothing for the doll shouldn't be too tight and colors shouldn't be dark as they might stain your doll. Unless you bought high quality clothes from companies like triumph or intimissimi it's better to avoid black and other dark colors. If this happens and your doll gets dark stains you can use "tpe stain remover" or olive oil. Use a wet cloth to wipe off the stain.

-Have in mind that not only dark clothes are the problem. Absolutely keep your doll far from magazines and book. Colors on the paper might stain your doll too.

-Arms and legs of your dolls shouldn't be up or open for long periods of time. (Not for more than few minutes!) The stress caused by stretched arms or legs will cause your dolls skin to tear. Your doll needs to be in a neutral position if you want to avoid damages and repairs.

-Avoid exposing your sex doll to the sunlight.

-TPE is a soft material that will easily flatten or crease if your doll will stay sitting or laying down in one position for too long. The best way is to hang your doll in the closet.


Skeleton care

-Your doll has a metal skeleton and movable joints which make her flexible. After using the doll for a long time her skeleton will lose stiffness which is perfectly natural.

-Don't put the doll in extreme positions as it may end up with serious damage.

-Be careful, please do not drop her and do not hit her against objects.

-Sharp objects could destroy your dolls material. Please keep them far.


How can I store my doll?

- Love doll storage box.

- Original shipping box.

- Storage bag.

- Hanging.


How to replace fingernails?

As the doll lays in a neutral position and align fingernails to their proper position. You can even check which nail belongs to which finger by comparing the nails to your own. Once you are sure that you have selected the right finger put an even and thin layer on the bare skin in the nail area. Before doing it be sure the skin is clean and dry. Remember to not use too much glue. Once you start pressing the nail to the glued area keep doing it for at least 5 seconds. Remember to not touch any glue yourself or you might stain the doll with your fingers. Excess glue is not easy to remove so it's very important to be careful with it. In case it happens please act immediately and carefully wash it off with soapy water and microfiber material. Maybe prepare soapy water and microfiber material just in case before you'll start the process.


How to replace the eyes?

-When the doll is in a neutral position use one hand to gently pull the eyelids apart and avoid touching the eyelashes or make up. Use your remaining hand to remove the eye and remove all the packing. “Scrunch” the packing tightly into the new eye. Later pop the new eye into the eye socket.


How to re-attach loose eyelashes?

-Your sex doll needs to lay flat, facing upwards. Once the doll  is in the right position apply a little amount of glue to a tool with a fine tip like a paperclip, cocktails stick or any other similar tool that you can find at home. The next thing you have to do is to pull doll's eyelash back and apply glue on the back of the eyelashes without touching the dolls skin. Hold the end of the eyelash without touching the glue and press it into the position you want it to stick. Hold for 5 seconds. After that you can let it go. The eyelash should be attached by then.


If you need more help with any problems that you may have please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or catch us in chat if we are available at that moment. We will do what is in our power to help you with anything and we will answer all of yours questions as fast as we can.

We wholeheartedly hope that the experience you are having with your doll is amazing and that you are happy with our service as well.




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