Bigger orders.

-We consider an order to be a "big one" if you are buying 3 or more dolls at once. We have special prices for these kinds of orders. Please send us the list of products you want to buy so we can calculate the best price for you!


Would you like to our agent?

-Contact us if you would like to become one of our agents. We would need to have a conversation on chat or skype. We have special prices for all our partners. We offer fast and effective cooperation.

What can we do for you?

-Offer the best prices!

-Friendly cooperation.

-Fast shipping and help with customs.

-High quality dolls and NO copies.


We already sell dolls to:

-Brick and mortar stores.

-Brothels for sex dolls lovers only.

-Adult entertainment venues.

-Dropshipping on-line shops.

-Production companies such as television.

-Collectors of adult toys.


How can we start working together?

-Please send email beautifuldollsnet@gmail.com to us or call us (+86) 136-5603-7453. We will reply as soon as possible.




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"Ohh she touch my tra la la... my ding ding dong"...


She is my ideal woman. I couldn't be happier with my...

Gillian naked

Customer service 10/10. Doll 10/10. Satisfaction 100% :) :)...

Stephine with Floral skirt

This body is really special. No chick in the real world can...


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WM Lynn sexy sex doll

WM Lynn sexy sex doll

Sale $1,630.00
Save: 20%
Rebecca sexy sex doll

Rebecca sexy sex doll

Sale $1,950.00
Save: 24%
Ziana sex doll

Ziana sex doll

Sale $1,399.00
Save: 29%
Bahia realistic sex doll

Bahia realistic sex doll

Sale $1,990.00
Save: 17%