Sanhui, located in Nanning China is on the market since 2010. All of their dolls are made using high quality medical grade platinum silicone which they import from Japan. Their dolls have a stainless steel posable and durable skeleton cushioned in soft foam. That foam is also friendly for the environment. Sanhui developed the Flexi Edition Skeleton. They were able to create a doll that moves almost like a real human.

Sanhui dolls are easy to clean and hard to stain. The skin has pores and realism is just striking!

Sanhui sells mini dolls, medium dolls and life size dolls.

Anyone who wants a good quality, luxurious doll should seriously consider this brand.




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Very good quality, fast shipping and the customer service...

Kylie in white blouse sex doll

Bought this product without abs. She is too cute for words!...


Just seven words : you will not regret buying this doll.

Tracey is a Slutty Vampire

Elvira in real life, but way hotter than the original...


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Zula sex doll

Zula sex doll

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WM Lynn sexy sex doll

WM Lynn sexy sex doll

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Rebecca sexy sex doll

Rebecca sexy sex doll

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Ziana sex doll

Ziana sex doll

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